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They only come out at night...

The Pacific Northwest has Sasquatch.  The swamps of Louisiana claim the Loup-garou.  The Southwest has Chupacabra.  And the wilds of Northwest Indiana are home to...

The Barking Moonbats!

The Barking Moonbats bring together five regional rock veterans who appreciate the old stuff but aren’t “preoccupied with living in 19-19-1985.” Playing an array of classic rock and new rock favorites - a cup of Kinks, a little Jimmy Eat World, and a dash of Sugar (Bob Mould, that is!) - The Barking Moonbats will launch you on a musical journey that'll take you to the moon and back!

Fans love that The Barking Moonbats cover many of the songs you just don't hear bands play live anymore - neither obscurities nor the stuff on endless repeat on classic rock radio - but the great songs you may have forgotten about and you’re glad to hear again, putting a smile on your face and moving your feet to the dance floor!

Tired of hearing the same cover songs, played by the same bands, in the same one-dimensional style?  Then come hear The Barking Moonbats!  You won't be disappointed!

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