Barking Moonbats


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Out of the back recesses of Northwest Indiana comes…

The Barking Moonbats!

The Barking Moonbats perform shows every bit as wild as their name suggests!  Playing an array of classic rock and new rock favorites, the Barking Moonbats will launch you on a musical journey that'll take you to the moon and back!

Formed in 2013, the Barking Moonbats is compromised of the best Northwest Indiana and Chicago music scene veterans around!  Performing all makes, models, forms and styles of music, the Barking Moonbats never fail to entertain their audience!

Simply put, the Barking Moonbats perform many of the songs you just don't hear bands play live anymore.  NOT THE OBSCURE, but rather the ones you're GLAD to hear again, bringing back to wonderful memories and a putting fresh smile on your face!

Tired of hearing the same cover songs, played by the same bands, in the same one-dimensional style?  Then come hear The Barking Moonbats!  You won't be disappointed!

Thank you for taking the time to check out The Barking Moonbats!

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